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Chain Breaker

Zach Williams

I'm thinking about the first verse. It says, 'If you've been hearing the same old voice tell the same old lies.' That was my life for years, just dead end road after dead end road, hearing this voice in my head saying "You're not gonna make it". But I've conquered it, through Jesus and not my own doing. He broke all those chains that I had given myself.

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Through Your Eyes

Britt Nicole

I remember feeling like I wasn't doing a great job balancing everything in life, telling myself “Britt, you've gotta get it together” In that moment, I felt God speak to me and pour His love over me...

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I Won't Let You Go


Last year was a really tough year for me. This album (WHERE THE LIGHT SHINES THROUGH) was, in many ways, an attempt to find a path towards hope, armed with the flashlight of melody and lyric. “I Won't Let You Go” is a song that faces the darkness head on.

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Giants Fall

Francesca Battistelli

It's so easy to think that we have to have everything together before we can do anything for God. It's easy to think we've gotta have all the money, all the resources we'll ever need, but He just wants willing people who will say “Hey, I'll go. Send me!”...

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Hills and Valleys

Tauren Wells

When I get to the successes of life, I start to feel like “This was me, I did this, I climbed this mountain”, and whem I'm in the valleys of life I start to think “God, where are you?”

This quote came to mind that says “When you are on the mountaintops, learn to bow low. And when you're in the valleys of life, learn to stand tall”.

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